HobbyKing HK401B Gyro

Here I will be sharing with you my experience with HobbyKing 401B AVCS Digital Head Lock Gyro.

 I ordered this one online from HobbyKing (see links sidebar) for $11.99 exclusive of shipping and taxes.  Already have two of these and another set will be ordered for my tricopter project which I will adopt the plans from RCExplorer. I encourage you to check out the HobbyKing website for this product technical description and specifications.

The item arrived in a small corrugated box with bubble wrap protection.

The gyro is individually packed in small plastic zip  bag with sticker label.      

There is no user manual included in this package but it can be downloaded from HobbyKing website. There is no mounting cushion pads and adjustment tool also.

My impression is that the HK401B gyro is a clone of the Futaba GY401. Although, I cannot compare performance between the two as I have not used Futaba gyros yet.

It can be operated in  rate and head lock mode. There is also a selection switch for digital /normal servo and servo reversing. Two potentiometer dials are provided for delay and limit adjustments. And a multicolor LED for status indication.


I find the receiver connectors housing (above photo, right) slightly thicker than a Futaba servo connector because when I hooked it in my Futaba receiver, it touches the other servo connectors which never happened with multiple Futaba servos. This present issues with connection integrity as there is a greater chances of connectors falling out when not thoroughly inserted. I solved this problem by sanding off the connector housing to the appropriate thickness. A digital caliper would help confirm dimension versus Futaba connectors.

Face label is also an issue, both of mine already peeling off right out of the package.

Anyway, it is cheap and what more can I expect. A tiny drop of glue easily resolves the problem.

 Connecting wires are protected by rubber grommets and casing is made of plastic.

I have learned also that there is an internal soldering issue with this gyro. Apparently, poor circuit board soldering easily pop loose and hence affect operation and/or performance. Check out in YouTube how others have resolved the issue using cushion pads and hot melt glue. I haven’t tried opening mine though.

I tested my first HK401B gyro with my T450 heli. After following the set up instructions, i’m impressed with the result. The tail holds steady.

I am yet to test this unit for longer flight times and i’ll see how it will perform once I have finished my tricopter project.

Hope that I have imparted a bit of information about the HobbyKing HK401B gyro and I will be glad to have your questions and/or comments.

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