ARMSCOR .22 Caliber Pellet Gun

This is my ARMSCOR .22 caliber pellet gun. I got this for around 2,000 pesos (USD44.00) from my savings during my college days. Originally, the butt stock is in walnut finish. During years of use, the finish got some deep scratches and I decided to paint it in black. The barrel is made of steel with rifling grooves. The front sight is an open square post, while the rear  is a ridge elevation v-notch sight. The bolt action cocks the air hammer and opens the pellet receiver. Upon closing the bolt and disengaging the safety lock, the gun is ready to fire.

Power is provided by carbon dioxide (CO2) at around 1,000 PSI. Paired to this gun is a CO2 tank which can be refilled at airgun shops. 

The bolt housing is grooved for rifle scope mounting.


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