The Nutball

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20″ Nutball waiting for turn to fly at Valley View.


GWS Tiger Moth Fly-by

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Practicing some low passes with my GWS Tiger Moth

Monteverde Royale!

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We tried out flying at Monteverde Royale Phase 4. This subdivision is at selling stage. No house/s are being built yet so it’s open!

 Here, getting some low passes. The downside of Monteverde: it is not flat land, it’s actually hills and valleys. But it would be excellent for gliding practices.

It’s around 15km away from where I live and needs a drive through unpaved dirt road.

But as the saying goes, the show must go on.

Multiplex Fox overhead passes  

       Brother loosing  touch on his D90, under exposed shot here

 Local kids posing with the planes

Ground crew prepare for landing!

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Multiplex Fox

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In flight photo of my Multiplex Fox.

This is a conversion from a chuck glider which I bought from Tower Hobbies. I got the idea from YouTube and  decided to try it out.

Power is provided by Turnigy 1811-1900kv outrunner, 6×4 slow fly prop, 360mAh 2S Li-po.

Flight time around 5 minutes.

My HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2

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I bought this r/c set from an online seller here in Manila. The plane is quite under-powered and I had lots of crashes with it. Although when it is up in the air, it is very gracious and fun to watch. I am a beginner when this video was taken and it took a short flight before crashing again.

Early days in R/C flight

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I will never forget this.

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